Your physically weak heart versus your strong personality that has already been through a lot and learned a lot. The moment they merge and strengthen and weaken themselves at the same time.

HeArt - The Art OF Living

The world can stop. Everything can stop. Except the Past. Who accumulates himself and is unstoppable.

He goes and returns every second, reminding that time is passing. Reminding that every moment should count because it is accumulating. And it’s when I leave the Past in the present and go to the past, that I remember that the Past was right and I promise to redeem myself with him in the future. Redeem with my great passion. The family. Yoda. My soulmate. True friends. The craftsmanship. The addictions. Other passions. Redeem with the side I had that kept the good and the bad in the same place.

It’s in that moment of inspiration that the body pushes itself and the push also suits the body. That the Past’s work merges with the heart’s art and the work of art is born.

The world can stop. Everything can stop. Except my heart. Who is now unstoppable. Because that's where I keep the art of living.

The end

Here and Now

My Mom, my shelter

The dream in Vecchio bridge

Red Light

That hug between brothers

I've Got a Crush on You

The artist

My Love


Wrong for wrong

Between father and son



The heart of my soul

My strong mom

White Magic

Who are you girl

Time watercraft

It's a Man's World

The example of a life

The faithfuls

Soul mates

I do not know talk about love

La la la

Giant David


When you question yourself

The Iron Lady

Reflection of a being

Music to reflect

Like myself

The eternal look

Somebody That I Used To Know


The Lady is a Tramp

School of life

Seven Days In Sunny June


Learning to be child

Epic View

The Conquest

Raining rain

Chaplin take

Second School of life


Work Reunion

Told no one believes

I have two loves

The art of living

One Heart




Punishment + lyrics

The castle

The bridge of love

For my mother's arms


Paper Kites

Something About Us

The Eternal Kiss

Very best friend

Bitch, Do not Kill My Vibe

History of blood

Motivation speech

Shake It Out


The shock of my heart

Blood mate

My friend's Heart

Joburg Jam

Wizard Of Meh

Water love


Arrow through Robin Hood's Heart

Sun King


Human Kind

That's Life

The Promised is due


I dont know who you Lost

Come with me see the airplanes


Strong friend

We Found Love

Talent in the street

Oyster Dreamland

Oba, then she comes

Patriot no mater what

Mary's Magic

The ship generations


Team work


The golden man

Away from the world

I know

Hey you guys

My faith

Magic Wood


That look

In fact

Associative Perpetual Motion

Hope there's someone, live

Tan Dun

My little red nose


Love Belly

Got Til It's Gone

My Passion

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